Thursday, September 27, 2012


last weekend we took marlene homecoming dress shopping.

it was very fun.  and the truth is, the girl is an easy shopper.  we only went to two stores and tried on maybe - maybe - 15 dresses.  and i dont know about you, but that did not seem like too much at all.  she quickly narrowed her choices down to two.  and so of course, we went to lunch to discuss.  after lunch we bought some jewelry and then headed back to try on the dresses again.

and then she made a decision...i think she picked a great dress. and i am so happy that i got to go with her and see her get excited for the dance. 

nathan and i were talking about it later - and we just said how much we enjoyed the experience. because the likelihood of us having that experience ever again is pretty slim.  as nathan said, "uhh. im not going to go tux renting with lbj".  it made me think about all the things that we will miss out on by virtue of having a son.

but, having lbj also means having a boy around the house full time to capture any bugs that might appear.
and having a boy means a lot of quality lego building.  and as he gets older, i am sure that i will appreciate the things that i get to with lbj, the boy, that i wouldnt get to necessarily do with a girl.  

as far as the homecoming dress goes - dont worry, we also picked out two - TWO - pairs of shoes that marlene can choose from on the night of the dance.  and i will be sure to snap an annoyingly amount of pictures.  (because im already crying as i write that sentence, let alone how emotional ill be when she goes off to her first dance)  (yes, i know im not her mum) (but i just love the girl!)

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