Tuesday, October 30, 2012

mom stuff

being a mom is hard. 

its probably not as hard for you.  why?  no idea.  i just think that.  i think that i cannot figure out what im doing every single day.  and that probably youre at home baking cookies, making arts and crafts, while the floor is shining and mopped.  and ps your kids can probably read.  and youre probably "pinning" all about it on pintrest. 

me?  oh. well you know.  totally flailing about.  lost at sea.  lbj hates to listen.  is as stubborn as a mule.  and i cannot fathom a guess at where he got it ... because its too hard to tell.  is it the dee "i hate authority" stubborn.  or just the derosa, "im stuborrn and i like it" variety.  

i cant tell you.

what i can tell you is that if you are struggling. ever.  on any day.  i can virtually guarantee you that i am too.  
like this morning, when lbj woke up he was crying.  why?  because he went to bed crying last night and thought it was THE SAME DAY!  literally woke up crying and apologizing for why he had to go to bed early last night, as if it were only 5 minutes later.  

so, take note - lady at walmart who scolded lbj for crying in line yesterday - i have no earthly idea what im doing.  but im trying my best.  

and if youre having one of those days too, just know, i feel ya, sistah!

also.  just as a side note there are good things that happen.  
like last week, when lbj got up from his nap. he snuggled on the couch with me. he laid his head on my chest, and then looked up into my eyes.  and with the sweetest expression said, "mommy.  i like your private parts"
seriously classic ladies and gents. 

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