Tuesday, February 19, 2013

catch up

oh the dreaded catch-up.

you know a lot happens in four months. 
we took marlene to disneyland.
and she went to homecoming.  well i mean they didnt actually go TO the dance and DANCE at the dance.  but they had a party bus, and she wore a dress, and they went to dinner and show. sooooo...apparently thats what "going to homecoming" means these days.  
we took marlene to the grand canyon, salt lake city, los angeles. 
then we had thanksgiving with my family.  and christmas with the dees.  
another trip to brianhead to ring in the new year.
and a final trip - to san francisco. 
after that - marlene had to go home to germany. and we were sad. we still are.  we miss her mucho.

and i think thats how you sum up 4 intense crazy months into 10 sentences or less.

here is to blogging more often! 
as always ... 

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