Wednesday, March 27, 2013

boo yah!

do you know ive been off facebook for over a year?!
since january of last  year.

i did not come to my blog as much as i thought i would to share nuggets of wisdom 
(or whatever it was that i promised).

i havent really even turned to google+ or twitter as much as i thought i would. 

i post on each of those sites on occasion.

im mostly on twitter to follow semi-famous people 
(like the guys from top gear and duck dynasty)
and im mostly on google+ to pretend im a photographer 
(who never takes photos anymore)

im out of the fb drama.  and for me  -  thats exactly what it turned out to be.

it makes me lighter.  
(whatever the heck that means!)

im happy i made the decision. 
(uhm.  i like that i talk about this like it was some crazy A decision that was basically life or death) 

but, to all of you who thought i couldnt do it ...

in yo' face!!!

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NateDee said...

Booya SUCKAS!!