Thursday, March 07, 2013

less than 5% of the time

want to know what less than 5% of the time means to me?

well it means that when you spend 84 hours at a cabin, and you have running water for maybe 4 hours.

it means not showering for days.  

and it means melting snow so you can flush the toilet.
if its yellow let it mellow. if its brown flush it down.
(thanks astrocamp for that friendly reminder)

it means using bottled water so nashdee doesnt get all dehydrated on me. 

it means bringing home loads of laundry.  towels, sheets, long johns.
that i may or may not still be folding.

i realized that when i was doing the dishes with melted snow water - that dang!  i use a lot of water.  perhaps this should teach me about conservation.  

i pride myself on my short showers. i remember in 4th grade learning about taking 5 minute showers.  which i did.  till i was a teenager who had a bench in her shower. and i would frequently take a "rest" in the shower.  those were the "bad" years.  now im back to short showers. 

but washing dishes? flushing toilets? cooking? cleaning? heaven help me, im using a lot of water.

and thats the lesson i got out of 4 days at the cabin.

conserve water. or be forced to melt snow.  

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