Monday, May 02, 2011

im not bragging ... im just recording

ive been teaching lbj the alphabet.  i had a goal to get it done by 18 months.  because all one and half year olds can identify 26 letters, right?

no.  who does that?  who is the freak that puts a goal on that kind of thing!?  apparently me. 

but then around 16 or 17 months, just about when i realized that i wouldnt be meeting my ridiculous goal (seriously every time i write that i shudder), i gave up on it.  again realizing that lbj moves on his own time table. 
usually just about the time i decide i want to teach him something, he decides he doesnt want to learn it.  then when i decide to stop teaching it, he decides he can do it.  its our system now.  

none the less, we have been practicing letters pretty regularly.  and he loves to point out letters to me wherever we are.  its actually really adorable when he starts shouting "P!!!! PPPPPPP! P!!!!P!!!PPPPPP! PPPPPPPPPPPP!"  until i say, "yes very good. thats a P"

it was also cute when he would jump on the letter 'V' on the rug at preschool on his way out, and scream (and i do mean scream), "Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

it was cute until he did it every day, and we had to do it multiple times until I literally was dragging him out the door.   Who gets that excited over the letter V anyway?? I mean, what starts with V?  

so he was shouting random letters to me.  and he was identifying random letters that i would draw when we would color together.  but i hadn't really "tested" his knowledge.

last night, i found a new show on netflix, it was a leapfrog ABC show. while watching it,  he identified every single letter. and by identify, i mean "screamed at the top of lungs" every letter.  

my chest was puffed out in pride.  and i wanted to remember this day! so ... note to self:  
remember may 1 as the day lbj identified the alphabet.  
and the day the president announced bin laden is dead. 
apparently, may 1 was a good day for everyone!

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