Monday, January 14, 2008

we are going to washington dc.

feb 6th. im pretty freaking excited to show nathan where i went to school. i cannot wait.
we've already been trying to plan out what we are going to do - because i told nathan, there is way too much to see and do in 3 days. but we are going to see what we can manage.

unfortunately, the american history museum is still closed for renovations. the fbi building is closed. and so is the us treasury. so theres three things off our list. nathan does not want to go to the zoo. but he is totally missing out. luckily ill be there for a day while he is at his conference. so i will go all by my lonesome. which is exactly how i used to like it. when i was going to school, i lived on the all girls floor - which i really did enjoy. but 50 girls on one floor .. it can get overwhelming. so i would slip out for a little trip to the zoo when things got to hectic. and to this day the zoo (any zoo) is one of my most favorite and relaxing places to go.

anyway, so things on our list of things to do are:
bureau of engraving, supreme court, capitol , holocaust museum, the monuments at night, spy museum, national archives, library of congress, air and space museum, and alexandria if we can make it out there.

honestly, i dont think we are going to have the time for it all. but we are going to try. who knows when we will be able to take a trip to dc again.

i just cant wait!!!

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Ben and Debbie said...

Holy Canoly this sounds like a fun trip! When are you going? I completely forgot about your zoo fetish, that made me smile. You are too cute.