Thursday, June 05, 2008

baking the bakes

two weeks ago while in mesa, my mother in law took me and my sister in law kim to learn how to make bagels. like ive said - i have a bosch - and kim just got one for mother's day. so we went to the bosch store, learned all about bagels and bought a bunch of stuff to take home with us.
on sunday, marian and i baked bagles for the family - and everyone seemed to enjoy them
so last weekend i decided to try my hand at some more flour based foods :O) marian got us a wheat mill for christmas - which i hadn't even taken out of the box till saturday. but i learned in my class that once your grain seeds (that's what i call them) have been milled you only have like 10 days to use the flour it makes before all the vitamins and everything disappear. where do they go? vitamin heaven of course.
but basically what it means is, even if you buy whole wheat flour at the grocery story, you still arent getting all the nutritional value that you do when you mill your own ....

after you mill the little seeds - as demonstrated by my fabulous husband - you get flour!!!!

then after you get the flour you mix it with all the mixins to get the dough ... and you put the dough in the dish and you let it rise. nathans mum said to let it rise for 30-60 minutes, till it was about 2 inches over the pan ...... i dont think that was quite right for us:

our bread started looking like it might take over the oven ... and then the kitchen .. and then who knows what else. nathan was extremely upset. these were his 'babies'. i think they came out fine. and ive been eating the bread all week.

on sunday - nathan made two more loaves, so he could have perfect shaped bread that fit in the toaster. they came out much better - practically perfect in every waywhile he made bread, i made home made pasta and meatballs (my grandmas recipe!!)

next week i am going to tackle kaiser rolls for our picnic up at spring mountain ranch.


NateDee said...

Good looking food...good looking people...everything looks mighty tasty.

Ben and Debbie said...

Ha! ha! Vitamin Heaven, that’s funny! Your bread looks amazing. Actually, it ALL looks amazing!

Jillian said...

You are amazing. You and your husband are such great homemakers. I am extremely impressed.