Friday, August 08, 2008


i asked nathan on a date this week. we never go on dates. its not that we dont do things together. its just that ... well ... we do EVERYTHING together. we dont really have any friends that we hang out with. and theres no lil children running amuck in our house - so we simply focus on one another prit much all the time. i know what you are thinking ... we must seriously love each other to spend that kind of time with one another.
and, i say (proudly, i might add), yes. yes, we love each other that much.

that being said, we go on a date once a year - valentines day/nathans birthday. because of their proximity, we just go and celebrate both at once. neither one of us can seem to remember our anniversary - our love goes above and beyond dates like that :o) (or we just suck at remembering dates)
my birthday doesnt get a date, so much as it gets a WHOLE weekend at dland. so, again, going on/planning dates just isn't either one of our things. imagine nathan's suprise when i asked him out for friday night. i asked him to watch the opening ceremonies of the olympic games with me.

i planned a whole chinse menu. i bought chinese laterns to hang. i was going to go after work to pick up some other knick knacks and what not .... but some weird things happened at work .... and i didnt leave until late. so by the time i got home, i only got one string of lights and laterns hung, and not even very nicely. we are ordering chinese, no time for me to make it. and i guess you could say, im pretty freakin disappointed in the whole thing. i really had lots of fabulous ideas, and it was going to be such a great date. nathan says its the thought that counts - but none the less, im bummed its not perfect. meh. what can you do, blog?

however ... it is the opening ceremonies, and i cannot wait. :o) happy olympics everyone!!!!

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