Saturday, August 23, 2008

the wave

(this is, for lack of a better picture, the "wave")

i've been thinking about some things lately. most important on my list (and this will tell you how many really important things i have going in my life) is the lack of courteous drivers out there.

i am a "waver". if someone lets me merge in front of them, i wave. i accidentally pull out of a parking lot onto the street in front of someone ... i wave. i pull up next to someone and point in front of them, they nod the universal sign that they will let me in (this generally happens on a jam packed street like lv blvd) ... and of course i wave. if nathan is driving, and merges in front of someone ... i tell him to wave. i think that it's a small gesture of kindness, and i'm sad to say that i am just not seeing the "waves" anymore.

everyday i find myself frustrated. i slow down in my lane, because i see you put on your blinkah (thank you, to those of you who at least still do that). i literally put on my brakes, and let you in front of me, and then i STARE at the space between the driver seat and the passenger seat and wait for the lifting of the hand. TO NO AVAIL. i scream in my head "where is the wave?!?!?! can't i get a wave up in this piece??!?"

this is my sincere hope, that the three people that read this blog (and one of those is nathan, to whom i already give driving instruction) will go out into the world today (or tomorrow or monday, whenever really) and give a wave. let someone know you appreciate their braking. let someone know you are sorry you cut them off because you did not realize your turn was coming up so soon. let someone feel the kindness and gratitude that is the "wave".

ps ... if you cant bring yourself to wave, check out drivemocion, where you can get a led light on your back window to express yourself.


Annie said...

Oh, I hear ya. I am a waver. Is there any other way to drive but to be a waver? I think not.

Map said...

Great post!!! I am definitely a waver! Check out my latest post @!!!