Monday, July 27, 2009

gonna call the WAH-mbulance

i had some serious stuff go down last week.

its really thrown me for a loop. and what i mean by that is - i cry. a lot.

you probably dont see it, because im cooped up in my house most of the time. but i am.

and let me tell you, my baby is crying too. he is screaming bloody murder at the most inopportune times.

most notably, he screams (really. he is wailing) when burping. he does not like having his bottle taken away. im so tempted to not give it back, because i think he is acting like a baby. and i dont want no babies in my house (except for me, i dont count).

of course, then i remember, he is a baby. and so i continue to feed him. and we both look at each other, with our grumpy faces.

today, however, this screaming happened while at my eye doctor. he normally sleeps through it all. so i thought an hour at the doctor is easy! well i was wrong.

i couldnt see. no glasses. no contacts. and my eyes are dilating. LBJ screaming bloody murder. a blurry human figure is rocking his chair and clucking at him. i am feeling very embarrassed and so i start crying. (i hope this doesnt affect the dilation stuff)

there is no point to this post, except to vent that both LBJ and i are crying a lot.

the end.

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

I love you. You are fantastic. I am pretty sure that every mother in the universe has had one of these moments, but no one can put it into words like you can.