Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my best friend

i bet you thought this post was going to be about nathan.  i mean, he is my best human friend. and we did just celebrate our 5th anniversary.  but actually ....

its about gus.

first, and foremost, gus is an english lab.  an english gentleman, if you will. i picture gus in a red robe, smoking a pipe and drinking brandy.  he is very well read, and can quote shakespeare.  he is a renaissance dog.  an everyman's dog.

he is, without a doubt, the best friend i ever had.

when i bought my first house in the beginning of 2004, i lived alone.  i was learning about the lds church, and had a friend who would come over with her family to teach me with the missionaries.  gus was their dog.  he was getting older, and the kids weren't playing with him.  they were trying to find a good home for him, and i was lonely all by myself.  so, gus came to live with me.  happy as a clam.

i found out later, he had gone to two other families, and apparently howled uncontrollably until he was taken back home.  to this day, ive never heard gus mutter a sound.  well, except that sound he makes when he lays down, and it sounds like all the air is escaping his body. a big "UMPHH" sound.

anyway, gus loved me. and i loved him.  we would "wrassle" on the floor of the living room.  and i would talk for him, saying, "im a bear!!! and i eat people!!" why?? i have no idea. it just seemed like what he might say.  ps - when we talk for gus,  he sounds like eeyore

... thanks for noticin' ...

remember that time gus knocked the watermelon off the kitchen counter, it broke, and he rolled it into the dining room, where he proceeded to eat it all over my white carpet?  that was funny.

oh, yeah, and that time he ate his way out of a metal crate?  "no one puts gus-gus in a corner!!"

or how about how he became the mascot for our neighborhood in eagle mountain?  the kids loved him. and they would take him for walks. throw the ball, and play fetch with them.  he loved it there, i think.

here's the thing.  gus had to go to heaven today.  you know, all dogs go to heaven.

honestly. i dont think i can write more than that.  
(if you could see me now, you would know why)

we miss you already, ole buddy.


Annie said...

So sorry to hear that! Bless gus gus. :)

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

I am so sorry!!!

NateDee said...

Well that is touching and completely heartbreaking all at the same time. A fitting tribute though. We love you Gus. It won't be the same again without you.