Tuesday, May 10, 2011


things are a-changin here in the dee home.

things of which i cannot yet discuss.  however, keep your eyes peeled for future posts that reveal our haps.

i will tell you right now though ... i am not pregnant.  unless you know something i dont.
in which case you should tell me, so i can schedule the doc to take this iud out.

also ive started a personal journal. you know like all the good mormons out there.  because maybe my posterity will want to read something more coherent than the ramblings here.

speaking of posterity and journaling.  im just about to finish my psychology of latinos class.  at the beginning of that class we had to talk about our family's struggles in immigrating to america, should we have a story like that to tell.
well since its a latino class, i wrote about nathans great-grandpa from mexico.  and he had a journal.  how interesting that is.  so maybe someday there will be a great-granddaughter who really wants to know all about me and what i think.

also ive been sketching like its my job.  picture of little boys and bunnies.  want to know more?  just wait ... ill let you know when i do what it all might mean.

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Kaitlynn Bluth said...

miss you!! glad you are finished with the class you couldn't stand!