Tuesday, July 12, 2011


dreams are so weird.

last night i had a dream i went to the gym to meet a girl from church and work out.  thats not weird.  since this woman and i discussed doing that, and she just happened to email me yesterday.

what was weird was how there was some battle going on right in front of 24 hr fitness, and i was under attack.  i had to dodge all kinds of flying debris and bombs, and who knows what else, to get in the door.  the "dream me" was not at all phased by this.  who wouldnt go to the gym in those conditions?

once i got inside there were 5 ladies there from church (i dont hang out with these ladies, i dont know where they came from), as well as a blogger.  i saw this blogger (in real life) at the store last week - so i guess thats how she got in my dream.  we were all around these weight machines, and i realized i forgot my gym clothes.  and there was this whole discussion about whether or not i should go home to get them.

look.  im telling you right now.  im not going to the gym if there is a war going on in front of it. and if i was there and without gym clothes, i certainly would NOT go home (through the war) just to come back (through the war).  that "dream me" was WAY more dedicated to getting in shape than the real me.  dang!

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