Thursday, August 25, 2011

ten years

i completely forgot to post on august 16th that it was the TEN YEAR anniversary of my blogging.  

youd think after ten fabulous years i would a) be a better writer. b) have more followers. c) be more consistent in my writing. d) be a gobazillionaire mommy blogger extraordinaire.

i am none of those things.

but i am happy to say that i have been writing on a semi-consistent basis for 10 years.  and that just sounds like a long time.

ten years ago my first blog was about my upcoming trip to hawaii.  

then i wrote about going to college.

then i was really drunk busy with schoolwork, so i didnt write as much.

eventually i got back to it. and here we are.  

still writing completely pointless posts.  

like this one, commemorating a made up anniversary (like the anniversary of your second date. no one does that.)

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