Tuesday, November 29, 2005

laundry thoughts

so im doing the laundry .. four loads of it! .. and i find myself thinking something that i have thought on many laundry occassion.

i am just WAITING for nathan to leave his socks in little balls so when i get to the washer, i have to unravel them. i imagine myself saying to him * the least you can do is unball your socks!* im pretty upset when i say this, by the way.
well it occured to me that in the six months that i have been doing nathans laundry he has never once left his socks in balls. hes never shown any indication that he would even do that. so why in the world would i think that??

obviously, i found the reason, otherwise i wouldve kept on thinking as i normally do. i remember vividly that conversation happening in my house when i was very young. living on minton court...those were the days... but, my dad always left his socks in little balls. and in the hallway no less. and my mum would always say * the least you can do is unball your socks! *

and thus, the reason i thought i should be tormenting my husband with the same sentiment.

weird the things parents pass on to their childern.

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