Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BFF ...

there are probably two things you are thinking about the picture above. one) girl, get a manicure. and two) why the heck are you showing off some ring from a 25 cent machine??

well first - i know. ill get right on that manicure every two weeks when im rich and famous.

second, it wasnt from a 25 cent machine. so lay off me. my little sister and i worked really hard to win (and steal) enough tickets to buy us each one of these fabulous rings at the arcade.
i wore it all day today at work. and i was seriously waiting for someone to ask me why i was wearing it. but no one did. obviously, people care about what i wear to work.
ive decided that this is like my modern day best friends necklace. except, rachel doesnt know it. ill be seriously bummed if she loses her "half" though. she is prit much the best sister ever. and im really sad she has gone back to mississippi.

i am also really sad because as her friend nicole put it - her ovaries hurt. im not quite sure that her ovaries actually hurt. i mean im sure they do - but i think its just a stomach pain. anyway. shes got some problems in that vicinity and we arent sure what is going to be the next step - you know, like surgery. so im really worried for her - but i know everything will work out. shes pretty amazing. so im sure she will get thru it with no problems.

anyway. this is just a blog about how great she is. and i am not just saying it because she started reading my blog and told me shes obsessed with it. im saying it cause i mean it.

the end.

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