Monday, November 17, 2008

so if anyone is wondering .... i am pretty much nauseous all the time. literally. i want know...every five minutes. but i dont. i just want to. maybe that means im lucky???
im extremely tired. i went to an afternoon showing of 007 on saturday, and almost fell asleep. and that movie was action packed!
that's it ... i just really wanted everyone to know that right now i feel like poop. but only a few more weeks of this, and then im into the second trimester. and the books say i'll be fine after that. (and yes, i base my life on what i read in books haha)
also - on a positive note. i haven't gained a pound. it is my goal not to gain any during the first trimester, as i am already a fatty .... and so far so good :o)
thanks for the comments ladies :o) i appreciate the congrats. if anyone is wondering, my due date is june 22. that is my nephews birthday. but soon to be godmother JoJo is hoping for an early birth - june 19th so they can share a birthday. we will just have to wait and see!!!


Talon Webb said...

Don't worry....I'M FEELIN IT TOO! How far along are you? It will get better, I promise. :)

Annie said...

Ooops...for some reason that posted under the hubby. Weird!

LindsayLoo said...

Congrats! I am very happy for you. I think you will be a great mom!!

thea said...

Hey sweetheart xxx,

congrads again, and i know you'll be a fabulous mum ;-), naturally xxx

june 22nd is my mums birthday!

love you lots,
always think of you hon,...
love to nathan too, seems like a sweet guy, and your dogs are ADORABLE :-P
feel free to call me anytime