Thursday, July 09, 2009

i would kill for my baby

(who wouldn't kill for those lips?)

i didnt fall in love with LBJ when i first heard his heart beat, likes so many mothers. it wasnt until my 20 week ultra sound, and i saw him lift his arms over his head and let out a fatty yawn, that i felt my heart flutter. that we could both be so tired must have sealed the deal for me.

yesterday, that love manifested itself into a murderous rage. not towards LBJ, but any that would cause him harm (little baby ladies - watch out, i'm sure to feel this way in 16 years).

LBJ and i sat on the patio (in the shade) (under a fan). i read a book. and he slept. this is a man after my own heart, i tell you. i heard him making a lot of noises. but i was ignoring him. i was sitting right next to him, i knew nothing was wrong with him. plus, my book was really good.

when i finally tore away from the love story in which i was so enthralled, i saw that what pestered my little baby was a fly. oh those pesky flies! i lit the candles around us, the ones that state they will deter all bugs. but this fly was insistent.

i put down the visor on the baby seat - but in fact, i trapped the fly in with LBJ, making matters worse.

babies dont know about flies. they dont know how to swat them away. i was his only protector at that moment. only i, his completely clueless mother (really, who thought i would be good at this??), was able to save him from the wrath of the black monster with wings.

i have seen nathan, many a time, patiently wait for an unknowing fly to land on his knee. he then slowly moves his hands in around the fly - and as the fly lifts off - CLAP! death is the only outcome in this scenario.

i have never had to kill a fly. i am not so confident that i would be able to do it as well as nathan. but as the fly buzzed around, and landed on LBJ again and again, i knew, that i would do it. this knowledge must have been transferred to the fly, because as i realized i would kill for my baby, the fly left.

and never returned.


NateDee said...

HAHA...such a freak!! Love you honey pumpkin lover.

That fly wouldn't dare show his face when I am fly killing skills are legendary among the world of the winged.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

1. It's scary how much Nathan's comment sounds like something my husband would say. He calls me Honey Pumkin Lover (is that a Dee Boy thing?) and compares his fly killing skillz to that of Mr. Miyagi.
2. I can not tell you how excited I am that you are post baby blogging!!! Seriously. You are fabulous and hilarious. I love you. Can't wait to see you and baby Jack Jack.

St. Julien's said...

Congrats to you guys too!! I'm ssssooo glad you commented on my blog, I totally forgot Nikki was a blogger. Now I can keep tabs on you! Your baby is a very manly way of course. Love the posts, I'll def. be back for more!!