Thursday, August 13, 2009

blogging is really important - more important than my legs

while on catalina last week (ps - thats why i wasnt posting), my niece informed that she takes such long showers (as in 30 minutes, i kid you not) because she has to shave her legs two ways. first up her leg, then side to side. i inferred from this that her hair grows in at different angles.

how is that i have never noticed if my hair grows in at different angles? in 15 years of shaving, ive just swiped my leg - i dont know - maybe 7 times. then i hit the knee. which no matter how hard i try (and honestly, am i really trying?) still has little hairs on it. sometimes i shave my thighs. but rarely. usually if im going to a pool. with other people. otherwise - theres barely any hair there anyway. and i wear shorts or dresses to my knee.

i dont shave around my ankles anymore - traumatic bleeding episodes as a 12 year old still leave me scared.

so essentially what im saying here is - did i miss something as a teenager? that shaving my legs is way more important than i made it out to be? and now as an adult i end up with, lets be honest, really crappily shaved legs?

as i sat in the car yesterday and saw little hairs glimmering in the sunlight on my knee, i wondered if i should spend more time prettying up my stems. but today in the shower - i just couldnt justify the time it would take.
so 14 swipes later, here i am. spending my time blogging.

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St. Julien's said...

Niki you are a hoot. I didn't shave my legs at all in high school. They were white and fuzzy...and I was a cheer leader my senior year. someone paid me 10 bucks to shave of course I DID, I wasn't that attached to the hair I was just lazy and thought it was kinda cute. It caused a big stir, those furry legs. I shave them now, cuz I like it and so does Dave(husband).