Tuesday, February 08, 2011


i dont talk really personal stuff on my blog.
its on the internets people ... and will be for-ev-er.

im pretty sure, with some clever sleuthing, people could find things out about me, that i probably am embarrassed by.  i started blogging TEN YEARS ago.  can you handle the nonsense?

ten years ago, i was 18, in college, and bashing floormates for taking food out of my fridge in the dorm without asking.  it turned into a fight - weeks later - when my non-blogging friends found out i wrote about them.  i was dating ... and writing about all my dates and who i was in love with that week.  ugh.  when i think about the things i shared ... oh dont make me think about it. i was drunk.  thats my excuse.  does that work?

ive been thinking of that salon article from a couple of weeks ago.  yeah - the mormon mommy blogger one.
i dont think its a crime that lots of mormon moms (and lots of others too, lets be real) dont post all the crazy not nice not fun stuff online for the world to see.   sure - theres bad days.  where the kids rule the roost.  and theres nasty food on your floor.  and you dont care.  youre in your pjs, under your blanket, just nodding along.  and maybe, because its really not that bad - you post it.  because its real.  i think that, mixed in with all the pretty decorations and cute lil baby faces, are plenty of posts about what a hard day it was.

but for the most part - i think that there are a lot of "my life is AWESOME" posts. and thats ok.  because i dont want to read your serious baby mama drama  ... i want to be inspired by other people.  maybe sometimes i get a little jealous .... a little blog envy ... but really, i mostly think, about the things that i CAN do. and how i SHOULD do them.  to enrich my life. to enrich my family's life. 

and maybe that's what this is all about ...mormon mommy bloggers and others .... inspiring others.

oddly ... ive been writing this post for a couple of days ... and my friend (and who i could totally be BFFs with  if we lived in the same city, because she constantly inspires me), liz, just wrote about this.  here.

her friend, M,  ... who i like to pretend is my friend in my head ... also inspires me with all her creativity ... recently wrote about both the salon article, here,  and the trials of being at home (here), and how its not constant roses and chocolate (what?  apparently thats what i equate with awesomeness) ... refreshing

i love reading these girls blogs because they inspire and keep it real (but no drama)

im probably not all that inspiring on my blog. but i hope i inspire at home. 
(nathan, feel free to comment here and give me some public props.  thanks)

im not sure how to end this ... i think i had a lot of other things to say ... but im pretty sure no one wants to read a dissertation on blogging.  so ill just stop here. and you can pretend this was a coherent post.
the end.

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lovely by m said...


Wonderful post. Thank you for linking to me and for expressing your appreciation of my blog. That is what keeps me blogging. It is so refreshing to hear others take on that article as well as the pros and cons and up and downs of blogging. It is SO true, none of us have a perfect life but we can find happiness through it all and share the realness of it.

P.S. I loved your comment about thinking of me as a friend in your head...lol! Consider yourself friend-ed!