Friday, July 29, 2011

dearest penpal,

yes this another post directly for you.  its probably because i love you so much.  like harry loves hermione.  that type of serious (but not sexual) love.  

anyway.  i noticed that you have killed two huge spiders in the last two days.  congratulations.  there must be an equally horrible spider revolt happening here in las vegas, as i, too, have had spiders rummaging about my home.

today, lbj and the dog were baby-gated into their usual living room/den area, while i busied myself in the kitchen.  when what, but a spider, came along.  naturally, i screamed.  i tried to throw a napkin over it.  that was dumb.  a napkin has no weight with which to kill a spider.  dumb, nikki, dumb. 

as the spider moved about, i screamed.  the dog was not happy about this. i am sure he thought there was an invisible intruder trying to capture me.  he was growling, i kid you not.  and you know the dog.  he doesnt growl for much.  

lbj starts yelling "scared?" over and over, really loud. and his face was probably mirroring mine.  it was was full of fright.  that such a little insect could cause such a commotion in my house is unbelievable.  but, believe it.  'cause it happened.

finally i grabbed a rather large book (nathans, of course).  and threw it on top of the spider, and screamed, "I KILLED IT!!"

i felt pretty awesome about it. not gonna lie.

and as a side note,  lbj has now learned the word "killed" and has been saying, "spider killed it" for the last few hours.  

awesome? i dont know if i wanted to teach lbj about killing at such a young age.  but, as a consolation, at least he's trying to form sentences.  i'll take that, i guess.

much love fellow spider warrior.  until we meet again.


Kaitlynn Bluth said...

:) i just wrote a spider chronicle as well. thanks.

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

:) i just wrote a spider chronicle as well. thanks.

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

oops. i was over zealous and published my comment twice. and it wasn't even that good. dang.