Monday, August 08, 2011

weekend spending

for those of you wondering (and i know you all are) how the weekend went. let me share.

on friday night, we had dinner with my parents. and rachel and alex drove in from cali!! so we were super excited. it also was a free dinner (thanks parentals!)

remember reading seventeen magazine when you were 12 and they always referred to your parents as either the parentals or the 'rents.  so weird. 

saturday we headed to tivoli village, because we still hadnt been yet, and i read they host a farmers market. SCORE!

we bought our fruits and veggies for the week, and only spent $12 buckaroos.

on the downside - while LBJ played in the splash pad and jungle gym, nathan bought a fruit smoothie for $3.

i know what you are thinking, its only $3.  but every time we spend three dollars, thats what we say - and then somehow, we've spent hundreds of dollars on little things. just like that.  hence the reason for the spending fast.

none the less - we are a full week in, and have only spent $3.  so thats pretty freaking good.

saturday afternoon my mum invited me to play penny slots.  she knew about my spending fast, and offered to give me the money to play.  so i went. obviously. im not going to turn down free fun!! 

sunday was church and then dinner at my parents again. and here we are monday night, and nathan is out golfing.

what?! golf isnt a necessity!

nope.  but nathan gets points for the tee times he books regularly, apparently. and had enough points for a free round.  so off he went to have a little r&r.

i think that i have enough food in my fridge and cupboard to last us the rest of the week for lunches and dinners, so im not expecting to spend much this week.

thursday night we are heading to az.  nathan and i have already talked about it, and i plan to make something we can take in the car with us.  one) saving the money and two) totally healthier than fast food on the road (see: weightloss blog)

we will see how the spending fast goes while in arizona.  i am hoping for a lot of sitting around the pool and bbqing so we dont spend money out.  but its hard to refuse when theres almost 20 other dee family members with other ideas ;o) 

i will check in next monday and let you know how it goes!

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

First - I TOTALLY remember that from the teen mags! I still sometimes refer to my parents as the rents, although find it's usually when I'm talking to anyone younger than 15. :)

Second - I love that you guys are doing a spending fast and that I saw it in time to keep up. This is the same exact problem that 100% of families have, regardless of their income. I am taking as much inspiration as I can from you here. I've got some work to do in this arena.

We missed you guys this weekend, but hope to see you soon.