Tuesday, April 03, 2012

nerd alert

nathan kindly purchased a new computer for me.  with a lot of storage and ram and all that good stuff.  i said i needed it for photoshop.  but secretly i saw a commercial for a star trek online rpg that i reallllllly wanted to play.

so i spent all day cleaning off the old computer and then setting up my new one.  

then i took a shower.  put on my acne medicine. took out my contacts and put on my glasses.

and started downloading star trek:online.

if only i had a retainer.  it would make the visual so much better, eh?

to compensate, i did put my hair in two braided pigtails. 

(and yes. i purposely chose particular effects to hide my aforementioned acne. thankyouverymuch.)

1 comment:

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

i love it. and i love the post about "wass up." HILARIOUS. I miss that kid. and nathan. and most importantly, you. :)