Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm a Rockstar (for real this time)

as some of you may remember, i think i am practically a rockstar, and blogged these feelings.
for those of you who did not follow the comments tha came later - nathan challenged me! he said if i was such a rock star, why not make a rockstar video and post it for the world to see...
and i said, "maybe i will, nathan, maybe i will"
and, so, i am. this is me and my fabulous sisters in law when we were in the SLC. debs got us some good tunes, and we rewrote the words. and we made a rock star video. really there isnt much to say, since the video really speaks for itself. and what it says is -
im a freaking rockstar.



NateDee said...

You truly are a rockstar babe. Poor Kelly!! It was good of her to deal with all of yours and Deb's abuse.

My fav parts are when Debbie literally pushes Kelly out of the way to walk through the door, and you lecture Kelly for your wig falling off. Haha...very funny.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

This is just point blank FANTASTIC. That's all. Rockstar fo' life.

Ben Dee said...

All I got to say is that you all are a bunch of freaks! But, when you are all crazy then at least none of you feel like freaks! :) CLASSIC!!!

jordan_bluth said...

best music video EVER!!! hands down. You ladies are H-O-T, HOT!!! ;)
Best parts of the video...1) Nikki losing her hair and Kelly putting it back on in the middle of the video shoot, HA! 2) While rockin out, Debbie does a ninja-kick-to-the-face of some invisible dude! Hilarious! :)

Nice work ladies! Keep on rockin...